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Vincent Buso a9b038158e new SDL1.2 with tripple buffering, neon optims 11 months ago
arch f33009bbd3 arch/ Drop PPC601 support 3 years ago
board 4b7460aa05 configs/roseapplypi: bump kernel to 5.10.1 3 years ago
boot 7b3fcbcdaa boot/arm-trusted-firmware: Forward stack protection configuration 3 years ago
configs 9e67e9e51d configs/chromebook_elm_defconfig: use linux headers same as kernel (5.9 series) 3 years ago
docs 39d334faa5 package/pkg-qmake: add <pkg>_SYNC_QT_HEADERS support 3 years ago
fs c1e268670b fs/jffs2: copy xattrs 3 years ago
linux 0675498b5d {linux, linux-headers}: bump 4.{4, 9, 14, 19}.x / 5.{4, 9}.x series 3 years ago
package a9b038158e new SDL1.2 with tripple buffering, neon optims 11 months ago
support d673618342 support/scripts/ don't fail if is missing 3 years ago
system a0b041d6c1 system: support br2-external init systems 3 years ago
toolchain d526838488 do not set -mcpu because -march is already set 3 years ago
utils afc112b0e4 utils/ fix issue with hasfile() 3 years ago
.defconfig 4338a319b7 arch: remove support for sh64 7 years ago
.flake8 7d17ae2acf .flake8: fix check for 80/132 columns 4 years ago
.gitignore 145508473c update gitignore 10 years ago
.gitlab-ci.yml 7f654438c4 gitlab-ci: update the image version 3 years ago
CHANGES 9624a001f9 Update for 2020.11 3 years ago
COPYING d830036cce COPYING: add exception about patch licensing 8 years ago 3e186cee00 update BR2_OPTIMIZE_FAST prompt and help text 3 years ago ad50d8a478 package/qoriq-rcw: rename from package/rcw 3 years ago
DEVELOPERS bf07c3c3d6 package/perl-math-int64: new package 3 years ago
Makefile 4dd43e6841 Kickoff 2021.02 cycle 3 years ago
Makefile.legacy 49315f2fac Remove BR2_DEPRECATED 7 years ago
README b084eb38be README: add reference to submitting-patches 8 years ago


Buildroot is a simple, efficient and easy-to-use tool to generate embedded
Linux systems through cross-compilation.

The documentation can be found in docs/manual. You can generate a text
document with 'make manual-text' and read output/docs/manual/manual.text.
Online documentation can be found at

To build and use the buildroot stuff, do the following:

1) run 'make menuconfig'
2) select the target architecture and the packages you wish to compile
3) run 'make'
4) wait while it compiles
5) find the kernel, bootloader, root filesystem, etc. in output/images

You do not need to be root to build or run buildroot. Have fun!

Buildroot comes with a basic configuration for a number of boards. Run
'make list-defconfigs' to view the list of provided configurations.

Please feed suggestions, bug reports, insults, and bribes back to the
buildroot mailing list:
You can also find us on #buildroot on Freenode IRC.

If you would like to contribute patches, please read