Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Rebecca Chang 597c6800e2 Merge branch 'starfive-kirkstone-jan2023-external-release' into 'starfive-kirkstone' 3 months ago
  weiheng.cheng a89e092387 dubhe: opensbi: Change SRC_URI to Github. 3 months ago
  weiheng.cheng cbc3105050 dubhe: linux: Change SRC_URI to Github. 3 months ago
  Rebecca Chang fcfaf2f57f Merge branch 'starfive-kirkstone-github-manifest' into 'starfive-kirkstone' 3 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 4737d367fb dubhe: manifests: Update manifest for Github external release. 3 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 88f8862c83 dubhe: Remove QSPI-NFS-Image option from the setup script. 3 months ago
  Rebecca Chang 5a9010e6ed Merge branch 'starfive-kirkstone-dubhe-ace-wo-openocd-patch' into 'starfive-kirkstone' 3 months ago
  weiheng.cheng ff02ccaad3 dubhe: linux: Update SRCREV & kernel config to re-enable GMAC. 4 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 8b9845d005 dubhe: isl: Move isl recipe to recipes-support. 4 months ago
  weiheng.cheng db29b0088d dubhe: deploy-bootfiles: Maximize bootcode.bin to ~127MB (~3 min bootcopy). 4 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 64a970947a dubhe: gcc: Enable ISL in GCC. 4 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 861212af08 dubhe: isl: Added Integer Set Library (ISL) recipe for GCC. 4 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 64ac7eeef3 dubhe: dubhe-image-initramfs: Added gdb and gdbserver to qspi-image. 4 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 036358d606 dubhe: gcc: Added Fortran to the list of languages. 4 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 658467cde4 dubhe: opensbi: Remove nezha patches to avoid duplication. 5 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 11b4006089 dubhe: opensbi: Update 5 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 606ce37fb0 dubhe: helloworld: Update helloworld recipe to fix devtool error. 5 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 3e1da0e79f dubhe: linux-starfive-dev: Update SRCREV & remove NFS patch. 5 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 9cc915f52b dubhe: perf: Add packageconfig for libbfd support (disabled by default in binutils 2.39). 5 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 67047978ba dubhe: gcc: Update & patch gcc toolchain (11.1 -> 12.1). 5 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 91445abbc5 dubhe: binutils: Update & patch binutils toolchain (2.37 -> 2.39). 5 months ago
  weiheng.cheng f0ca47f0e7 dubhe: glibc: Update & patch glibc toolchain (2.35 -> 2.36). 5 months ago
  weiheng.cheng c8eb6358b3 dubhe: gdb: Update patch for gdb toolchain. 5 months ago
  weiheng.cheng 17b00eb321 dubhe: clang: Update patch for llvm-project toolchain. 5 months ago
  Rebecca Chang 923a80a5e8 Merge branch 'starfive-kirkstone-openocd-fix' into 'starfive-kirkstone' 5 months ago
  EnDe Tan 273c181d73 openocd: fix build error 5 months ago
  Rebecca Chang 43fa636b44 Merge branch 'starfive-kirkstone' into 'starfive-kirkstone' 6 months ago
  Yang Lee 6271f5763a Starfive Kirkstone: Manifest update 6 months ago
  Rebecca Chang 89bf082feb Merge branch 'starfive-kirkstone' into 'starfive-kirkstone' 6 months ago
  yang.lee 943ca6a4e1 dubhe: Update sh script 6 months ago