Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Godzil 8b9f9a5e1c The new version of the command line parser leave a lot of new things. 3 years ago
  Godzil 376ff09632 Change my_request to be more clean and try to fix the login issue. 3 years ago
  Godzil 7926b2fd9a Make the code compile again. 3 years ago
  Godzil 3f2a920e1e Update dependencies 3 years ago
  elisha464 fa4c68c239 fix logUsingCookie 4 years ago
  Manoël Trapier 1555229635 Update .travis.yml 4 years ago
  Godzil 7c085caaa0 Add more travis target 4 years ago
  Godzil cc0bf4dfb1 1.5.0 4 years ago
  Godzil 00857ba46f Update dependencies 4 years ago
  Godzil b77a35e0e9 Remove non production logs 4 years ago
  Manoël Trapier ca59e3b2fd Merge pull request #108 from Ronserruya/fix_title_scrape 4 years ago
  ronserruya 95c0c4d6d3 Linter stuff 4 years ago
  ronserruya 0d2d36251a Fix title fetching 4 years ago
  ronserruya 48a58ffca6 Fix login issue 4 years ago
  Manoël Trapier 505e6c67ce Add one more badge 4 years ago
  Manoël Trapier 83e8a5e08c Change issue badge 4 years ago
  Godzil c82319a2c6 Make code (somwhat) compliant with latest version of CloudScraper and add some instrumentation to try to understand what is happening with web based login. Still unclear for now.. 4 years ago
  Godzil 1fe7c697c5 Remove the old and unneeded ts.js 4 years ago
  Godzil 239d1c60a3 Update some dependencies 4 years ago
  Godzil bdfc96d56e Remove package-lock.json as it is not needed 4 years ago
  Godzil 8f7babd809 1.4.6 5 years ago
  Godzil c708df574b Update deps 5 years ago
  Godzil 401a511668 Add Node 10 and 11 5 years ago
  Godzil 969879921e 1.4.5 5 years ago
  Godzil 546ba9b45a Add a warn when login failed to be more explicit 5 years ago
  Godzil 27bdf54782 Solve issue with redirection (now it should follow automatically) 5 years ago
  Godzil beed932e93 Javascript: I hate you. 5 years ago
  Godzil e5c4c08e66 1.4.4 5 years ago
  Godzil 2b201b0785 Fix #94 5 years ago
  Godzil fdf5805911 Fix for #88 5 years ago