Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Godzil 9191075f48 Fix for #92 when the version server is not answering properly 5 years ago
  Godzil 9f73e4f865 Update ``ignoredub`` to support more form 5 years ago
  Manoël Trapier 1f20e028e1 Merge pull request #87 from TheDammedGamer/master 5 years ago
  Liam Townsend da0fb17015 Filtering out Pipe Symbol in file names 5 years ago
  Godzil 2aa71832b3 1.4.3 5 years ago
  Godzil 876def4392 Add code to check what langage CR is serving the page, and try to adapt 5 years ago
  Godzil 0ba51b7270 1.4.2 5 years ago
  Godzil 7da4289097 1.4.2-0 5 years ago
  Godzil ce5038cf08 @ URL was broken since 1.3.7 doh! 5 years ago
  Godzil 1b0f53a88c 1.4.1 5 years ago
  Godzil d19992f0d3 Make linter happy (and fix a mistake) 5 years ago
  Godzil a44d1ae668 Use a more stable and futur proof URL to get current version information 5 years ago
  Godzil 14fd18479e Try to tweak ffmpeg setting, but there are still some stalling issues.. 5 years ago
  Godzil 1106a28288 Make possible georestrictions messages more clear 5 years ago
  Godzil f1a5d1b6a8 Add a new warning type (more "strong" but still a warning) 5 years ago
  Godzil 4193643306 Fix a missing invalid char for filename for windows ('\') 5 years ago
  Godzil ebe671ff5b 1.4.0 5 years ago
  Godzil fd447f2cc6 Update readme with some information about config file 5 years ago
  Godzil 7dcd932ee5 Add a warning message is a license infobox is display to say that maybe 5 years ago
  Godzil ed233de565 Add an experimental feature: ignoring episodes from season that end with 'dub)' as they are dubbed seasons. 5 years ago
  Godzil a679573bf3 Add support to change the user agent. 5 years ago
  Godzil 24d6892261 Linter, I hate you with your stupid remarks. 5 years ago
  Godzil 25dabd4955 Fix #80, the batch file path should not be related to the output folder. 5 years ago
  Godzil ce65324c57 Add a message before login just to look pretty. 5 years ago
  Godzil a0f10252a1 Add back the old login method as fallback. 5 years ago
  Godzil 6e638488dc Update user agent. 5 years ago
  Godzil 2e8de8c5c2 Make lint happy (sorry cookie monster, nothing for you here :( ) 5 years ago
  Godzil 9c3aaf220a Make authentification error report to work, and 5 years ago
  Godzil ab35bb4439 Add @ssttevee method of authentication (from pull request #43) 5 years ago
  Godzil b48877b786 Prepare to add multiples logins methods 5 years ago