Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Godzil b58f315c98 cleanup things, stop trying with CS 1 year ago
  Godzil 7687c2b7d2 Trying to make parser to correctly handle CS 1 year ago
  Artur K 0abbce6f4e Merge pull request #32 from nemerle/add-license-1 1 year ago
  Artur K 8ffdf657ec Create LICENSE 1 year ago
  nemerle 2232a76033 Disregard signed/unsigned difference in AstIdent::idID 3 years ago
  nemerle d6af9c1555 Add iInvalid enum value for invalid instructions 3 years ago
  nemerle d7acc8cd4d rename otherLongRegi to getPairedRegisterAt, make it a method of 3 years ago
  nemerle a5f1d17e83 Various code cleanups. 3 years ago
  nemerle 29efcd5be1 Remove references to malloc.h closes #28 3 years ago
  Artur K 4656db9484 Merge pull request #25 from gitter-badger/gitter-badge 3 years ago
  The Gitter Badger b33d7239e5 Add Gitter badge 3 years ago
  Artur K e1f0c084f8 Merge pull request #24 from lab313ru/patch-1 3 years ago
  Lab 313 e2a6b25345 Fixed collision with round math.h function 3 years ago
  nemerle f210ed78c2 Add the last of the original tools dispsig and srchsig 3 years ago
  nemerle ccc8cc526b Add readsig tool to build 3 years ago
  nemerle cd6797499f Add parsehdr to the build 3 years ago
  nemerle b60903306f Fix memset-of-non-POD bug. 3 years ago
  nemerle 1df7cb3be4 Fix msvc detection + prevent range library from pulling in boost::regex 3 years ago
  nemerle a7265f06b0 Fix msvc detection in cmake 3 years ago
  nemerle 58532f4402 Removing LLVM dependency contd. 3 years ago
  nemerle 7d986ef661 Removing LLVM dependencies WIP 3 years ago
  nemerle 7f4197acc1 Use cmake features to mark c++11 as a required standard 3 years ago
  nemerle e71c8051c3 Rename icodeType entries 3 years ago
  nemerle 73cf949e25 Undefine PASCAL if it's defined as a macro 3 years ago
  nemerle b2be1cf2da Simplify: SetupLibCheck does not depend on PROG or Project classes. 3 years ago
  nemerle 94e3016a5b Fix SetCurFunc_by_Name implementation 3 years ago
  nemerle 145a50369e Fix: Jump labels were printed incorrectly. 3 years ago
  Vladimir Kryvian d77927c608 Added new line for "removeRegFromLong not supproted" message in icode.h. 3 years ago
  Vladimir Kryvian 3bb72987a6 Fixed double import with correct one in makedsig. 3 years ago
  nemerle c782892db4 Prevent the use of msvc's min/max macros 3 years ago