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This is the source repository of the GD library - the software side of the Gameduino project. The installation library and instructions are at:

Build Status

To build the release library run:



How do I use GD with a 800x480 display?

After calling GD.begin() you can set the scanout registers for 800x480 like this:

GD.wr16(vc.REG_HCYCLE, 928);
GD.wr16(vc.REG_HOFFSET, 88);
GD.wr16(vc.REG_HSIZE, 800);
GD.wr16(vc.REG_HSYNC0, 0);
GD.wr16(vc.REG_HSYNC1, 48);
GD.wr16(vc.REG_VCYCLE, 525);
GD.wr16(vc.REG_VOFFSET, 32);
GD.wr16(vc.REG_VSIZE, 480);
GD.wr16(vc.REG_VSYNC0, 0);
GD.wr16(vc.REG_VSYNC1, 3);
GD.wr16(vc.REG_CSPREAD, 1);
GD.wr16(vc.REG_DITHER, 1);
GD.wr16(vc.REG_PCLK_POL, 0);
GD.wr16(vc.REG_PCLK, 4);

How do I use GD with a 320x480 display?

There is a writeup here:

How do I change the select pin assignments?

To change the GPU select from pin 8, modify #define CS at the start of transports/wiring.h

To change microSD select from pin 9, modify #define SD_PIN at the start of GD2.cpp

How do you run in portrait mode?

After calling GD.begin() set the orientation like this::


to enter portrait mode. The argument controls orientation, 0 and 1 are landscape. 2 and 3 are portrait.