Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tim Orling ee15e78c6f toaster-requirements.txt: require Django 2.2 4 years ago
  David Reyna b081b78a33 toaster: bump django version to match build tools 5 years ago
  David Reyna 1b34e3c007 toaster: update Toaster for Django 1.11 6 years ago
  David Reyna e4c7a94fac toaster: address Django-1.10 API deprecations 7 years ago
  Ed Bartosh 46f185afaa toaster: modified list of dependencies 8 years ago
  Ed Bartosh 49976eca4a toaster: rework checking of Django version 8 years ago
  Elliot Smith 648b62654c toaster: Upgrade to Django 1.8.6 and remove South 8 years ago
  Elliot Smith 0dd0ac25d5 toaster: Use Python's mimetypes module 8 years ago
  Alexandru DAMIAN 771c08b9be toaster: hide irrelevant builds in the project builds view 9 years ago
  Elliot Smith 8d3aa2d46e toaster: Don't def a function for each call to build_artifact() 8 years ago
  Alexandru DAMIAN b5789c7ea7 toaster-requirements.txt: document requirements for the python environment 10 years ago