Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stacy Gaikovaia fec2b85689 main: Handle cooker daemon startup error 2 years ago
  Richard Purdie 8b9471e025 tests/fetch: Update upstream master->main branchname transition 2 years ago
  Reyna, David 9345d257ce toaster: Update documentation links to new URLs 2 years ago
  Richard Purdie f421de9eff bitbake: Bump version to 1.48.0 ready for the new release 2 years ago
  Richard Purdie a8efff5c83 ui/toasterui: Fix startup faults from incorrect event sequencing 3 years ago
  David Reyna de578cd8f8 toaster: Enable Gatesgarth branch in place of Zeus 3 years ago
  Tim Orling f504d6f659 lib/bb/ui/knotty: fix typo in parseprogress 3 years ago
  Charlie Davies 4f9ba9c794 bitbake: fetch/git: use shlex.quote() to support spaces in SRC_URI url 3 years ago
  Richard Purdie 04d3a79226 process: Show command exceptions in the server log as well 3 years ago
  Richard Purdie 64ae9d7e2f tinfoil: When sending commands we need to process events 3 years ago
  Richard Purdie ef762d92df command: Ensure exceptions inheriting from BBHandledException are visible 3 years ago
  Nicolas Dechesne a7c47f1eac sphinx: rename Makefile.sphinx 3 years ago
  Nicolas Dechesne 427721d8ff sphinx: remove DocBook files 3 years ago
  Quentin Schulz d52190ea42 docs: static: theme_overrides.css: fix responsive design on <640px screens 3 years ago
  Nicolas Dechesne 9ae5cce766 docs: sphinx: report errors when dependencies are not met 3 years ago
  Nicolas Dechesne ec4c481a0c docs: update README file after migrationg to Sphinx 3 years ago
  Nicolas Dechesne c87cc35a56 docs: sphinx: replace special quotes with double quotes 3 years ago
  Nicolas Dechesne ebdeef2c18 docs: ref-variables: add links to terms in glossary 3 years ago
  Richard Purdie 3daff610d9 cooker: Avoid tracebacks if data was never setup 3 years ago
  Ross Burton 75d9ef04a9 siggen: use correct umask when writing siginfo 3 years ago
  Ross Burton 6c601e68a2 utils: add umask changing context manager 3 years ago
  Leif Middelschulte 14a35f273b tests/fetch: backslash support in file:// URIs 3 years ago
  Leif Middelschulte aa857fa2e9 fetch2: fix handling of `\` in file:// SRC_URI 3 years ago
  Ross Burton ac7d1114a7 taskexp: update for GTK API changes 3 years ago
  Richard Purdie 94a18f1f2e Revert "bitbake-layers: add signal hander to avoid exception" 3 years ago
  Jean-Francois Dagenais 27b53186fa bitbake: siggen: clean_basepath: improve perfo and readability 3 years ago
  Jean-Francois Dagenais ee41549f26 bitbake: tests/siggen: introduce clean_basepath testcases 3 years ago
  Charlie Davies e7dab75c8d bitbake: tests/fetch: add unit tests for SRC_URI with spaces in url 3 years ago
  Charlie Davies eb38b6f093 bitbake: fetch/git: add support for SRC_URI containing spaces in url 3 years ago
  Anatol Belski 0e20f91c11 bitbake: hashserv: Fix localhost sometimes resolved to a wrong IP 3 years ago