Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mao Han efc1f5de35 Update config for aosp build 10 months ago
  Chuanzhou 4b0adc80fa For new build arrangement 10 months ago
  Mao Han 46fa96e42c Add build support for AOSP master 1 year ago
  Tang Kai 91ed914217 Revert added FEATURE_MICRPHONE operations 1 year ago
  Chen Tiejun 1f73501139 Fix cts bug CtsPermission2TestCases android.permission2.cts.PrivappPermissionsTest#privappPermissionsMustBeEnforced 1 year ago
  haocheng.zy d9d915da8a Fix libfs_avb_device_test 1 year ago
  haocheng.zy 973b5eac65 Fix CtsGraphicsTestCases and 1 year ago
  Tang Kai 295c47a1f2 Fix cts bug CtsVoiceInteractionTestCases about FEATURE_MICRPHONE missing 1 year ago
  haocheng.zy 17e7640652 Fix CtsGraphicsTestCases 1 year ago
  Tang Kai 6f3cdf1a4b Fix cts bug CtsGraphicsTestCases about FEATURE_OPENGLES_DEQP_LEVEL missing 1 year ago
  Tang Kai 487ade3117 Fix cts bug CtsTextClassifierTestCases about FEATURE_TOUCHSCREEN missing 1 year ago
  Tang Kai ca43bd0389 Fix cts bug CtsUwbTestCases about FEATURE_UWB missing 1 year ago
  Chuanzhou 9e3e64c9dc Add aosp vendor default configs 1 year ago
  Chuanzhou 21f3433b7b Add system patch of riscv 1 year ago
  Chuanzhou ac47d58603 Add aosp gsi packages 1 year ago
  han_mao d4826b5d38 Initial empty repository 2 years ago