No Description c43d4fab94 Merge branch 'CR_6826_support_kernel_v6.6_hal.feng' into 'jh7110-devel' 2 months ago
HiFi4 ff3c62d787 soft_3rdpart:hifi: add sof firmware 9 months ago
IMG_GPU 1612caa97d gpu:soft_3rdpart: update gpu binary package 7 months ago
codaj12 f79caa0e0b soft_3rdpart: codaj12: Change the interface used to obtain clk in jpu driver 2 months ago
e24 27a00e18ce soft_3rdpart: e24: update e24 firmware 10 months ago
igh_ethercat 62b4b7f2c6 optimizing packaging logic of ethercat 3 months ago
ispsdk 470bd92084 1. Let stf_isp_ctrl search the ybn file first in the same path of it. 6 months ago
mailbox 4411108dc5 soft_3rdpart:mailbox: update mailbox test application 10 months ago
omx-il b4b871706c OMX: vidoe decoder: Fix yuv channel alignment issues in some resolution. 6 months ago
spl_tool 89ff339625 spl_tool: Increase spl buffer size 1 year ago
wave420l 04debccbc7 soft_3rdpart: wave420l: Ported to kernel v6.6 2 months ago
wave511 67722ad838 soft_3rdpart: wave511: Change the interface used to obtain clk in vpu driver 2 months ago
.gitattributes fbc5ed53ac ispsdk: add libispsdk static library via git lfs 1 year ago ae68b667e7 Update the 1 year ago

Soft Third Part for Starfive’s Platforms

This Repository contain the soft of third party for starfive’s JH7110 platform, such as: wave511, wave420l, codaj12, omx-il, e24, mailbox, IMG_GPU, ispsdk, spl_tool. The repo could be built by the buildroot through the JH7110 SDK.


this repository use the git lfs to pull/push the big binary package. So before git clone the repo, we must make sure the ubuntu host support Git LFS, if not, use the below

$ curl -s | sudo bash
$ sudo apt-get install git-lfs


CODAJ12 is the codja12 vendor development package, contain the linux driver and user space app. CODAJ12 is a standalone and high-performance JPEG Codec IP from Chip&Media, and performs the JPEG baseline/extended sequential and M-JPEG decoding and encoding. codaj12 was also called JPU, note the sdk support JPEG/M-JPEG decoding currently.


WAVE511 is the wave511 vendor development package, contain the linux driver and user space app. WAVE511 is a 4K multi-format decoder IP from Chip&Media to support both HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 video formats which provide high-performance decode capability. WAVE511 was also called VPU Dec.


WAVE420L is the wave420l vendor development package, contain the linux driver and user space app. WAVE420L is a low-cost HEVC/H.265 HW encoder IP from Chip&Media and is capable of encoding FHD/UHD HEVC/H.265 main profile L4.1. WAVE420L was also call VPU Enc.


OMX-IL is a library implement OpenMAX IL(Integration Layer) API from khronos. The OMX-IL support hard Video Encoding/Decoding, JPEG/M-JPEG Decoding through the codaj12/wave511/wave420l library.


IMG_GPU is a GPU library packages from Imagination and provide GPU firmware, libOpenCL, vulkan, gles2, gles3. This library is not open source, only provide with binary library.


ISPSDK is the user space SDK for isp (Image Signal Processing) IP from starfive. The isp 3A library not open source.


SPL_TOOL is a binary tool to transform the u-boot-spl.bin to u-boot-spl.bin.normal.out which is compatible with the JH7110 platform.


This E24 directory provide the firmware binary, and test example. E24 is a 32-bit RISC-V CPU (E24) core for low power and control/configure tasks as a coprocessor in JH7110 SoC.


The mailbox directory provide the mainbox test app. The mailbox of JH7110 has the following features.

  • Send messages or signals between RISC-V cores
  • Support 4 mailbox elements, and each mailbox element includes 1 data word, 1 command register, and 1 flag bit for interrupt
  • Provide 32 registers for software to use to indicate whether the mailbox is occupied