lijun10x 77d6772708 MdeModulePkg/Library: PcdAcpiS3Enable set FALSE cause Assert 8 months ago
Application 64a20bea97 MdeModulePkg/DumpDynPcd: Remove unsupported format specifiers 1 year ago
Bus f9c6b5134e MdeModulePkg/Pci: Display more information of PCIe devices 7 months ago
Core 96192ba5bd MdeModulePkg: EfiUnacceptedMemoryType is not allowed in AllocatePool 7 months ago
Include 4b384c21ad MdeModulePkg: Correct memory type in PrePiDxeCis.h 8 months ago
Library 77d6772708 MdeModulePkg/Library: PcdAcpiS3Enable set FALSE cause Assert 7 months ago
Logo dad7fc29d9 MdeModulePkg/Logo: Add LoongArch64 architecture. 11 months ago
Test ac826886c9 MdeModulePkg/UefiSortLib:Add UefiSortLib unit test 2 years ago
Universal 68c1bedbf2 MdeModulePkg/Variable: Attribute combination should return EFI_UNSUPPORTED 7 months ago 9deb937076 MdeModulePkg: Update YAML to ignore specific ECC files/errors 1 year ago
MdeModulePkg.dec 8a763b533b MdeModulePkg: Disambiguate the meaning of PcdDxeIplSwitchToLongMode 7 months ago
MdeModulePkg.dsc 18df11da8c MdeModulePkg: Add IpmiCommandLib 8 months ago
MdeModulePkg.uni db7afaee91 MdeModulePkg: Use configurable PCD for AHCI command retries 1 year ago
MdeModulePkgExtra.uni 9d510e61fc MdeModulePkg: Replace BSD License with BSD+Patent License 4 years ago