Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  debrouxl dfb5bef2b8 * Create "latest" symlinks to the pool's A68k, binutils and gcc (symlinks handling is a feature of SVN). 13 years ago
  godzil 3171d628b3 Add new version of a68k with direct OS X Universal Binary support (use make -f Makefile-osx to build, and build possible only inside OS X) 13 years ago
  godzil dd17ce6544 Big commit, change the properties of a lot of text file to use native eol, and force all of the documentation files to user CRLF eol. Remove some artefacts from CVS (.cvsignores file and a CVSROOT folder) and add svn:keywords to all files in the repository 13 years ago
  debrouxl 9fbdb9cd45 Add unstripped GCC 4.1.2 to the pool. 13 years ago
  debrouxl 3ee1d94a7d Add unstripped binutils 2.16.1 to the pool. 13 years ago
  godzil 24f052b283 Add a68k to the pool with precompiled Windows and Linux version 13 years ago
  godzil 69869c7f6f 13 years ago
  godzil 749e1f0096 Creation of the /pool directory for storing external sources 13 years ago