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Oboo Clock Base


  • 0.0.8-5
    • Reorganized code base
  • 0.0.8-4
    • Software update process now writes a notification to the screen when checking for updates
  • 0.0.8-3
    • Stability fixes for card manager
    • Wifi status icon will appear more often - independent of card manager process
  • 0.0.8-2
    • Software updates now use new updateConfig JS program to generate oboo config file
    • No longer installing config.json
    • Updated wifi hotplug script to denote wifi with the existence of a /tmp file
    • Also added a script that checks iwconfig for wifi connectivity
  • 0.0.8-1
    • Added calendar card enable/disable to config file
    • Update script now attempts to take maker edition models into account

Oboo Cards


  • 0.2.7-8
    • Addition of updateConfig JS program that writes a config file that takes required fields into account but also maintains the existing config file
  • 0.2.7-7
    • Addition of Calendar Card
  • 0.2.7-6
    • When a card is found to be invalid by the Card Manager, the card process will exit
    • Mechanism: message on /cardResponse topic is received that mentions updating an element failed because cardId is invalid
    • Weather, Music, and Timer cards updated
  • 0.2.7-5
    • Implemented enabling/disabling cards

Card Manager


  • 0.2.7-1
    • Now supports creation and update of calendar elements


  • 0.2.6-2
    • Fix for bug where updating an element on a card that does not exist crashes the program
    • Will now continue running and will publish a message to /cardResponse topic alerting the card program