Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  greenbreakfast 5f4d944f69 upping card manager and cards package version numbers - prep for new release 1 year ago
  greenbreakfast 86b72940c3 bringing in card manager stability fix from PR #6 1 year ago
  greenbreakfast aa28fcb272 adding back pressure to weather card rolling display 1 year ago
  Zheng ff3a199e35 adding weather max min temperature display 1 year ago
  Lazar f18ec3c1cf Merge pull request #8 from ouellettetech/logfatal 1 year ago
  Bradley Ouellette b104a82d10 Bumping the log version up to the next version setting the release version to 0 since I already used 1 and 2, and this prob will go before those. 1 year ago
  Lazar 28dde6f287 updated readme with info on collaborating 1 year ago
  Lazar a5b3a379ad Merge pull request #7 from ouellettetech/neopixelupdate 1 year ago
  Lazar dc301d4e93 Merge pull request #4 from X-Ryl669/fixWarning 1 year ago
  Bradley Ouellette f4c3ca9507 Also need fatal handler on the heap 1 year ago
  Bradley Ouellette 9adfa51421 Adding Error Handling to output the errors to the stdio 1 year ago
  Bradley Ouellette 222e8aaffd Updating NeoPixel Library 1 year ago
  X-Ryl669 a26f3569da Fix warnings 1 year ago
  greenbreakfast 634b101c64 open sourcing oboo software packages repo 1 year ago
  Lazar ec79a00252 Initial commit 1 year ago