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 # Oboo-Packages
-Packages Feed for Oboo
+OpenWRT Packages Feed for Oboo Smart Clock.
+This repository holds the source code and OpenWRT makefiles for all custom Oboo Smart Clock software packages.
+## Where are the Packages Published?
+The compiled packages can be found here:
+## How Can I Test my Changes?
+The packages from this repo are build by the [Oboo-Source build system]( Follow the instructions from that repo to create an initial build.
+1. Make your code changes in `Oboo-Source/feeds/oboo/` and recompile the affected packages
+2. Take the new ipk file from `bin/packages/mipsel_24kc/oboo/` and install on your Oboo Smart Clock
+3. Test out your new changes
+## How Can I Contribute?
+If you have a code change that you would like to share with everyone, please create a Pull Request and provide the following:
+* **Use a clear and descriptive title** for the PR to identify the code change.
+* **Provide a step-by-step description of the enhancement** in as many details as possible.
+* **Describe the current behavior** and **explain which behavior you expect to see instead with your change** and why.
+* **Increment** the `PKG_VERSION` or `PKG_RELEASE` for the affected package for changed to be properly propagated to other users
+  * For example, my PR has changes to for `clock-mcu/src`, then I would also need to [increment `PKG_RELEASE` in `clock-mcu/Makefile`](
+* Pull Requests must be **atomic**, that is, focus on a single improvement
+## How is Code Released?
+Once the PR is accepted in this repo, create a PR with a dummy change in the [Oboo-Source]( repo to trigger the CD system. 
+It will build the packages and release them to: