1. # $Source$
  2. # $State$
  3. # $Revision$
  4. The cpm platform
  5. =================
  6. cpm is an i80-based BSP that generates CP/M executables that can be run on any
  7. CP/M-compliant machine.
  8. This port only implements a very limited set of syscalls --- and most of those
  9. are stubs required to make the demo apps link. File descriptors 0, 1 and 2
  10. represent the console. All reads block. There's enough TTY emulation to allow
  11. \n conversion and local echo (but it can't be turned off).
  12. There's a special, if rather minimilist, interface to give applications access
  13. to CP/M. See include/cpm.h for details.
  14. Example command line
  15. ====================
  16. ack -mcpm -O -o examples/paranoia.c
  17. The file can then be run.
  18. (Although note that Paranoia is very big, and you'll need a CP/M machine with
  19. lots of memory for it to fit. Which it does, just.)
  20. David Given