Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  dtrg d6fc2d19f9 Added cpm platform. 17 years ago
  dtrg c710fde0d5 Added the stdint.h header file. 17 years ago
  dtrg 9d8c776888 Cleaned up and enabled the support for conditionally emitting the floating-point stdio code. 17 years ago
  dtrg dcaec5dfa8 Removed a completely pointless 128-byte buffer. 17 years ago
  dtrg d1cf99c245 Fixed a bug where loc lol stf was getting the constant pushed onto the stack *after* stf had popped it off. 17 years ago
  dtrg e02179a9fe Updated for the 6.0pre2 release. 17 years ago
  dtrg 13496800ab Removed bashish. 17 years ago
  dtrg 15a318b4b1 Stripped down the library to something approaching the ANSI C minimum and replaced most of the header files, to provide a reasonably consistent base to work up from. 17 years ago
  dtrg de5dfda220 Fixed major typos in the signal declarations that was preventing anything that used signal() from compiling. 17 years ago
  dtrg 4839ce3ec6 Updated use of headers to compile cleanly. 17 years ago
  dtrg 5621f951a2 Ensured that _errno is always defined. Rejigged the pc86 boot code so it doesn't always waste 510 bytes of memory. 17 years ago
  dtrg 116a3f49c9 Added support for the linux386 platform. Disabled building of the K&R C, Basic and Occam compilers. 17 years ago
  dtrg 2b16e9f8dc Modified to run ncgg input files through the ANSI preprocessor rather than the K&R one. 17 years ago
  dtrg 87ad9a6852 Added the aelflod tool for generating ELF executables. Added documentation for aelflod and ashow. Now installs the documentation when built. 17 years ago
  dtrg f2cfcba52e Modified to allow a space between the sign and the first digit of a constant. 17 years ago
  dtrg 9731e1e349 Now fetches argc, argv, env correctly from the host OS. 17 years ago
  dtrg db4d300c33 Added the 'Star Trek' example game. 17 years ago
  dtrg d48c81664f Adapted to tell the user what language they were written in (because they're too similar!). Modified the Pascal implementation to work with our new syscall model. 17 years ago
  dtrg f33fd63590 Adapted for ANSI C and our pseudo-Posix syscall interface. 17 years ago
  dtrg 078faadbf9 Fixed a bug where the preprocessor would occasionally lose whitespace at the beginning of lines immediately after a #endif, which was confusing the assembler. 17 years ago
  dtrg f5d41474da Disabled Terminal as it uses hard-coded ioctls and appears to be non-standard anyway. 17 years ago
  dtrg 0e349f88a6 Changed to call the isatty() syscall directly, rather than fiddling around with non-portable ioctls. 17 years ago
  dtrg 43857acb0b Disabled the K&R C compiler in favour of the ANSI one. 17 years ago
  dtrg 3756b414de Added linux386 platform. 17 years ago
  dtrg 42c2cdb985 Updated to work with the new libmon-less setup. 17 years ago
  dtrg 1a19c3ffec Updated to work with the linux386 platform. 17 years ago
  dtrg cc57ec1e11 yacc source files are now run through the ANSI C preprocessor, not the K&R one. 17 years ago
  dtrg 892a545b10 Everything is built in ANSI C now. 17 years ago
  dtrg a5c9e8b09c Renamed the language libraries and runtimes to have more 17 years ago
  cvs2hg fd5b9e1450 fixup commit for tag 'release-6-0-pre-1' 17 years ago