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This is a port of Will Sowerbutts’ socz80 retro microcomputer ( for Altera FPGA boards, currently supporting DE0, DE0-nano, DE2 and DE2-70 from Terasic. Original version come from


Make sure you have the Altera Quartus II software (I’ve used version 13.0 from Web Edition) binaries on your $PATH. Then run «make» for building the SOF file, and «make load» for loading it on your board.


This project only contains the VHDL files for building the core and its depencies. You can find some software for this microcomputer and instructions about what you can do with it inside the tarball of the original project (


  • Add support for the integrated SD Card
  • Video Out and PS2 for a keyboard could be also a nice entry.
  • Currently the 4 hex digit are used to show the CPU PC, but I will also create an IO device to show on them the value you want
  • Also add all the SW switch and Button 1 and 2 to GPI and the LED to GPO minus the one used to display the CPU status. and Button 0 is used for Reset.
  • The original design was developed for a Papilo Pro board, which features a reasonable amount of non volatile memory onboard. The DE0 have a flash device, it may be nice to allow to map it to memory. Not sure if allow write to it is a good idea.
  • Also the two GPIO header could be added to the IO mapping.