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  5. <title>Served by an ESP8266</title>
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  8. <h1>Hello World!</h1>
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  13. This page is served by <b>nodemcu-httpserver</b> running on an ESP8266 that uses the <a href="">NodeMCU</a> firmware.
  14. NodeMCU puts a <a href="">Lua</a> interpreter inside the ESP8266. This is surely one of the smallest web servers to date!
  15. </p>
  16. <h3>Where's the source code?</h3>
  17. <p>You can find the Lua code for nodemcu-httpserver in <a href="">GitHub</a></p>
  18. <h3>Serve me some pages!</h3>
  19. <ul>
  20. <li><a href="index.html">Index</a>: This page (static)</li>
  21. <li><a href="hello_world.txt">A text file</a>: Simple text, to verify MIME type is ok. (static)</li>
  22. <li><a href="cars.html">Nice cars</a>: Stress test, loads several "large" images. Makes the chip panic and restart :( (static)</li>
  23. <li><a href="cars.lua">Nice cars</a>: Stress test, loads several "large" images. Makes the chip panic and restart :( (dynamic to change number of cars)</li>
  24. <li><a href="counter.html">Count Requests</a>: Stress test, loads the same page over and over, counting every load. (static)</li>
  25. <li><a href="zipped.html">Zipped</a>: File is actually saved as zipped.html.gz. A compressed file! (static but gzipped)</li>
  26. <li><a href="zipped.html.gz">Zipped</a>: Same exact file as served above. Server is smart enough to treat the .gz extension correctly (static but gzipped)</li>
  27. <li><a href="args.lua">Arguments</a>: Parses arguments passed in the URL and prints them. (Lua)</li>
  28. <li><a href="post.lua">Post</a>: A form that uses POST method. Displays different content based on HTTP method. (Lua)</li>
  29. <li><a href="garage_door.html">Garage door opener</a>: Control GPIO lines via the server. Or try this <a href="garage_door_control.html">simpler and nicer UI</a>. (Lua)</li>
  30. <li><a href="node_info.lua">NodeMCU info</a>: Display basic NodeMCU information. (Lua)</li>
  31. <li><a href="file_list.lua">List all server files</a>: Displays a list of all the server files. (Lua)</li>
  32. <li><a href="upload.html">Upload</a>: Update, remove, list files on the server. Beware security implications. By <a href="">ATAMAH</a>.</li>
  33. <li><a href="foo.html">Foo</a>: A file that doesn't exist. Should error (404 error)</li>
  34. </ul>
  35. </body>
  36. </html>