Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Marcos Kirsch 2165484413 Add file.fscfg() results to example. 4 years ago
  Marcos Kirsch 5ccc69dc73 Updated examples to remove yields, pass req param. Integration woes. 5 years ago
  Marcos Kirsch fbc6506faa Merged with main repository 5 years ago
  Marcos Kirsch 4d4442318d Fix example server-side scripts to work on new nodemcu-firmware. Specifically, call coroutine.yield() after each connection:send() except the last one, since we can no longer queue sends. 5 years ago
  Philip Gladstone b4a2d02431 Fix the problem with the more modern SDK only allowing one outstanding 5 years ago
  Ryan Voots ef340bc82a Implement support for more arbitrary HTTP methods. Allows GET PUT and POST. With minor changes needed to support others 5 years ago
  Marcos Kirsch e49eec62d3 Fix: show minor version. Improve formatting 5 years ago
  Marcos Kirsch b017526d71 Show size, used, available space in file system 5 years ago
  TJ Borromeo 25a7313af5 Update file_list.lua 5 years ago
  Marcos Kirsch f7969ae12d Fix typo in HTTP headers. I need to refactor so header creation is single sourced. Oh well. This may fix issues in Firefox 6 years ago
  Marcos Kirsch 5b472f3554 Add yield so that looong listings don't overflow mcu's buffer 6 years ago
  Marcos Kirsch 316af66d3c Improve demo files 6 years ago
  Marcos Kirsch fa2e85dbb0 Support for Lua scripts 6 years ago