Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Godzil 56bf9b87fe 5.8 break the driver (yeah again) allow to fail for now. 2 years ago
  Godzil 081f817cac Update kernel support list (more recent version than 5.4 may fail though) 2 years ago
  Manoël Trapier 483be78d0d Update .travis.yml 3 years ago
  Godzil 61f72c675d Fix kernel-5.1.y and 5.2.y 3 years ago
  Godzil 30f606be39 Remove a useless SUBDIRS in the main makefile. 3 years ago
  Godzil 41e61a81f8 Fix kernel 4.9.y 3 years ago
  Godzil ac6def392c This change was not for all 4.4, but just a small subset that does not replicate on later version of the kernel. 3 years ago
  Godzil 3e71c6e74f Fix for kernel 4.4.y. 3 years ago
  Godzil 9116a9917b Remove a warning about a unused variable 3 years ago
  Godzil f184634d5f Remove unused function 3 years ago
  Godzil a765b0745d Make kernel 5.x stopping to complain about SUBDIR= being deprecated 3 years ago
  Godzil 0132d11b4b Fix for kernel 3.10. 3 years ago
  Godzil f404dd7061 It should now build for kernel 2.6.32. 3 years ago
  Godzil d8fea5550c Remove static function prototypes from kfusd.h and move to kfusd.c and remove useless prototypes and functions. 3 years ago
  Godzil 101f3687ff Can't get to configure 2.6.13 for now, so let's ignore it at the moment. 3 years ago
  Manoël Trapier 68b4fd7b40 Update README.markdown 3 years ago
  Godzil eb9511d9b3 Add an even older version of the kernel. 3 years ago
  Godzil 43b1069b54 Update .gitignore 3 years ago
  Godzil d27a3f2ee1 Add test travis build 3 years ago
  Godzil 2ce7c94d11 Buffer size need to be at least a page size. (probably better to keep it a multiple of a page size) 3 years ago
  Godzil 36fd2b86c5 Add sample udev file 3 years ago
  Godzil c37e562e5f Add example of use of mmap 3 years ago
  Godzil 57ae74c803 Update userspace to have proper protection values for mmap and send the proper flags to the callback function. 3 years ago
  Godzil a54adc616d Send proper flags to userspace 3 years ago
  Godzil 095ac4569a Update mmap related error to be a bit more useful for debug 3 years ago
  Godzil 70f58ed6dc Update 2018 -> 2019 3 years ago
  Godzil 596df479c2 Remove all SVN/CVS $Id$ idoms. 3 years ago
  Godzil 1cf7fd077c Correct some potential 32bit/64bit issues. 3 years ago
  Godzil 75a05048a4 Let's be paranoid: force the packing on important shared structures. 3 years ago
  Godzil 0ce298ca33 Remove some warnings, and correct some errors in examples 3 years ago