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@@ -10,12 +10,6 @@ early stage of the project is completely lost. Or I would need to check all the
 backups arount to recreate part of that history, but that not a fun thing to do to be
 honest, and there is virtually nothing to gain from that.
-The source is given as is, I have to select a proper licence for this code, but concider
-it to be in a 3 clause BSD with a non commercial clause:
-- You are free to use that code and integrate some part in your project 
-- Will need to state where some of your code come from
-- This code is given as-is without any waranty of working as expected
-- You CAN'T use that code for commercial product without my prior consent.
+This software is released under a three clauses BSD.
+If you plan to use that project in a commercial situation, I would be glad if you could just send me a message, I love to know where my work is used!