Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Godzil 17ccf91286 Make the file platform to work 11 months ago
  Godzil 5e620711d0 Fix build when integrated into another project 11 months ago
  Godzil 63a1cb6c11 Add a primitive write function and function to get the version. 1 year ago
  Godzil 2db8135e85 Fix a missing semicolon. 1 year ago
  Godzil 44ebc2c848 Fix small building issue on linux/unix system when building with mmap. 1 year ago
  Godzil 334ea87d25 Add missing boundary check when seeking in a file. 1 year ago
  Godzil bd96f10492 Block read was off by one. 1 year ago
  Godzil b6f0880a98 SEEK END was off by one. 1 year ago
  Godzil 49f2cba7f4 Let's properly report an invalid filename instead of reporting file not found. 1 year ago
  Godzil 804fc2b49b Setting the memoryOffset for the memory backend could be useful... 1 year ago
  Godzil 9189728205 Let's be a bit more consistant with error reporting and having "NO ERROR" reported when a function do not fail. 1 year ago
  Godzil 95c214043e Add some file operation tests. 1 year ago
  Godzil aa85a2c70b Fix some pedantism from C++ 1 year ago
  Godzil 57f8283df7 Add first batch of tests 1 year ago
  Godzil 07edd92023 Add google test for testing the library. 1 year ago
  Godzil d09c8b3864 A bit of cosmetics 1 year ago
  Godzil 86acbaa30f Made the memory backend, should somewhat work 1 year ago
  Godzil b31439bcb6 Now we can generate a fairly basic FS. 1 year ago
  Godzil f3ed393963 Add cJSON dependency 1 year ago
  Godzil 675808e62f Initial commit 1 year ago