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  Manoel Trapier 4951c63cbe small changes on info.plist 10 years ago
  Manoel Trapier ae40d13174 Minor changes on README.markdown, changed screenshot, add references on merging of nickloose's changes. 10 years ago
  Manoel Trapier d5cabd56dd Now only display .dat file for player name, and "World Default" will correctly open the "level.dat" player 10 years ago
  Manoel Trapier 09a3be16d4 Merge branch 'master' of 10 years ago
  Manoel Trapier 57af26aba0 small update on readme.markdown and add "SMP" to app name to differentiate from official version. 10 years ago
  Manoel Trapier fadf68345c small update on readme.markdown 10 years ago
  Manoel Trapier 46ade83b03 We can now select player from SMP world. "Default player" is currently a placeholder, and player file are not filtered. 10 years ago
  Manoel Trapier 5184104849 Merge with nickloose's modifications. (9345b2cc7b18ce8ffacd) 10 years ago
  Manoel Trapier 5bad4172ad Add XCode 4 things to .git ignore 10 years ago
  Manoel Trapier 642a10a89c Commit before merging changes from nickloose 10 years ago
  Nick Loose 9345b2cc7b Can now load named worlds from beta 1.3 10 years ago
  Nick Loose 708c880361 Added better adding of items form preble's 0cccfddd34db5dd8239b5cc8a21f328fd4c4bc5d 10 years ago
  Nick Loose c5b8d1ae4e Added things to .gitignore for xcode 4 10 years ago
  Nick Loose e7c3c258e4 Added Redstone Repeater with ID 356 10 years ago
  Manoël Trapier 9e2986e6c5 Start mechanism to select SMP Player (no real GUI for now) Save should work, but it's not fully tested until the end. I should simplify error mechanisms on loading, there are now bloated. 10 years ago
  Manoël Trapier 1b6b0f77d0 Minor changes about the fork 10 years ago
  Manoël Trapier 3ecd8a418f Change backen for loading world, now use folder path as index instead of slot id. 10 years ago
  preble caff4127c2 1.0.2 release notes in readme. 10 years ago
  preble 81a17ac53f 1.0.2. 10 years ago
  preble 8502c00bf0 Incorporated beta 1.3 changes from nickloose's 4fddca6e98273a12aae0. 10 years ago
  preble 32a8259e38 1.2 item changes. 10 years ago
  Nick Loose 4fddca6e98 Added Beta 1.3 Items 10 years ago
  Nick Loose dc0fbfc1f0 Added 1.2 Beta items except colored wool and all dye colors. 10 years ago
  Nathan DeGruchy 67958f5283 Added MineCraft Beta 1.2 items to the item DB/CSV 10 years ago
  preble 7330a00242 Now using setDocumentEdited: in place of dirty flag (hat tip to nickloose). 10 years ago
  preble 99951a46e0 Fixed data types in IJInventoryItem to be signed and allow negative values. 10 years ago
  preble 0cccfddd34 Streamlined keyboard item-adding. 10 years ago
  Nick Loose 43277ae339 Reorganized Tools Menu in Time and Inventory 10 years ago
  Nick Loose 000eafedd6 Added rudimentary support for saving and loading the Inventory 10 years ago
  Nick Loose bae935de1b Rewrote the Time Claculation 10 years ago