Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Godzil 45f5f8098e Force cmake 3.11 because of changes in add_executable 6 months ago
  Godzil 28b619c566 Try to change (again) the travis file. May work this time? 6 months ago
  Godzil 4f512405b2 Travis works, but always is unpredictable at time.. 6 months ago
  Godzil fe80488c5e Update travis file to more up to date practice for Mac OS X build using homebrew 6 months ago
  Godzil f8f4d7b21a Add sample output from the dragon scene 6 months ago
  Godzil 5651570c2b Slight changes in octree/bvh 1 year ago
  Godzil 71c236abb0 Better to fill the function I suppose. 1 year ago
  Godzil c0fc061834 Don't set the focal/aperture on the constructor and use a dedicated method for that. 1 year ago
  Godzil 61ce9d3543 Add possibility to play with focal length and aperture to the camera. Not enabled by default. 1 year ago
  Godzil 9849c16f66 Couple of small optimisation 1 year ago
  Godzil aacd4f6c9e Make BVH and Octree to not flatten the world before parsing 1 year ago
  Godzil 5b6b627a43 Small but effective optimisations. 1 year ago
  Manoël Trapier 4f2e327533 Update for a proper testing size and don’t get a timeout 1 year ago
  Godzil c858b4dcde A new scene and some optimisations. 1 year ago
  Godzil 7a43a98816 Adding BVH optimisation. 1 year ago
  Godzil 47e31714f3 That file was supposed to be there XD 1 year ago
  Godzil 424d58c59b Octree Optimiser seems to work. 1 year ago
  Godzil 5996e38e6e Fix my own stupidity.. 1 year ago
  Godzil b00bb75189 Huge speed up by changing how Intersect are shared. 1 year ago
  Godzil 0aa949c60b Continue working work optimiser. 1 year ago
  Godzil 420203e95d Add a tool to debug the normal vector in objfiles by rendering them. 1 year ago
  Godzil c667ce26d7 Fix a bug in objfile where OBJ file were not the parent of the base group. 1 year ago
  Godzil 13cc2c0ff9 Add more useful dump info for shapes 1 year ago
  Godzil 1c4018e47a Cosmetics. 1 year ago
  Godzil 083a5b600f typo 1 year ago
  Godzil 3a2d21b787 Starting to work on the World Optimiser sequence. 1 year ago
  Godzil 441d758845 Add locking mechanism to prevent updating transform/parent 1 year ago
  Godzil 5da0c10182 Started working on "world optimiser" base class. 1 year ago
  Godzil b89f9ec331 Add a way to remove shapes from groups 1 year ago
  Godzil add3d7c861 A bit of cleanup 1 year ago