Commit History

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  Godzil 793f0bc72b Bump version to 1.1 10 months ago
  Godzil 031a24164a Make the tool to build! (setTimeStampToNow no longer exist and if no timestamp is set it will be automatically set to now) 10 months ago
  Godzil a4899636ce Update Readme to reflect that I made some changes 10 months ago
  Godzil 17e8cc1652 Update XCode settings (force newer version of XCode file format) 10 months ago
  Godzil df79965f77 Update XCode project files. 10 months ago
  Godzil 1f763c56e9 Update MIDIApps to latest 10 months ago
  Douglas Heriot e1d8970e20 Added a plug for my app, MIDI Friend (like DHSendMIDI, with a nice GUI) 5 years ago
  Douglas Heriot 8ec49904ea Added download link to README 5 years ago
  Douglas Heriot 44aabf6234 Updated README with usage instructions 5 years ago
  Douglas Heriot e8fe13fbfc Fixed bug in setting message data byte 2 5 years ago
  Douglas Heriot 036b582819 Added README and LICENSE to Xcode project 5 years ago
  Douglas Heriot e61da0f709 Fixed Header Search Path for Archiving 5 years ago
  Douglas Heriot 567c156498 Made channel option smarter 5 years ago
  Douglas Heriot f19a3a1ed4 Statically link to SnoizeMIDI, for easier binary distribution. 5 years ago
  Douglas Heriot 3dc6a41dd2 Added more detailed help, and added SnoizeMIDI to 5 years ago
  Douglas Heriot bc230d6708 Implemented options for sending every kind of voice message 5 years ago
  Douglas Heriot 71552fec46 Added simple README and LICENSE (BSD style) 5 years ago
  Douglas Heriot 330502e0c3 Simple first version that sends CC messages. 5 years ago
  Douglas Heriot 40b6970265 Added SnoizeMIDI to project 5 years ago
  Douglas Heriot f8706df6ae Initial Commit 5 years ago