Commit History

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  Godzil aeecdffdce Fix some stuffs and draw circle shapes. 10 months ago
  Godzil 04a91944e3 RigidBoby: Implements shape skeletons. 10 months ago
  Godzil 7c1d2934d0 Rename particle to body. 10 months ago
  Godzil 7490c0dc1d Add a function to create a spring force between two particules. 10 months ago
  Godzil 20d3d23152 Always call forceDebug to make sure the array is always cleaned. 10 months ago
  Godzil 30fbd77cd7 Adding spring force. 10 months ago
  Godzil f0c8291827 Add some debug tool to show force and velocity vectors. 10 months ago
  Godzil eec33af8a9 Add function to draw arrows. 10 months ago
  Godzil ca5c03e6ec Add gravity force and add inpulse force using the mouse. 10 months ago
  Godzil a0f117fcf3 Change graphics to allow non fullscreen display 10 months ago
  Godzil 5dbaa4faab Drag & Friction: Adding friction 10 months ago
  Godzil 3d37330f8e Drag & Friction: Add mouse 11 months ago
  Godzil cdd89b7640 Clip particles 11 months ago
  Godzil 62e017198f Draw the liquid 11 months ago
  Godzil f4cb3ef7c0 Drag & Friction: Add drag force 11 months ago
  Godzil e48d9125b6 Applying forces: Pushing the buttons. 11 months ago
  Godzil 2777a2f8ad Applying forces: inverting your weight. 11 months ago
  Godzil 886ff86aaf Applying forces: Gravity is weighty. 11 months ago
  Godzil 1ec4f1a8ec Fix some merge issue and add time probes to display statistic while running. 11 months ago
  Godzil 1fa52ef7c2 Simulating movement: Playing with mass. 11 months ago
  Godzil 2ab39ed270 Simulating movement: Add Forces 11 months ago
  Godzil 0235c2585d Simulating movement: Particule integration 11 months ago
  Godzil 101dba840b Particle Physics: Bouncing particle 11 months ago
  Godzil 7aab44bd0a Particle Physics: Changing velocity... 11 months ago
  Godzil 9a4228d092 Particle Physics: clamp deltatime 11 months ago
  Godzil c517f6eb5d Particle Physics: framerate and deltatime 11 months ago
  Godzil cb67d5b4ef Particle Physics: particle velocity 11 months ago
  Godzil 16cd218a29 Particle Physics: class 11 months ago
  Godzil c0c582e093 Add files for DearImGui in case we want to use it. 11 months ago
  Godzil 4fca72ce34 Add stub for the javascript version 11 months ago