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GameShell launcher

This is the launcher for GameShell based on 320x240 resolution and D-Pad layout. Screenshot

Create the necessary user and group

  • User name: cpi
  • Password: cpi
  • Group ID: 31415 with group name: cpifav
sudo adduser cpi  
sudo groupadd cpifav -g 31415  
sudo adduser cpi cpifav  

Directory structure

├── apps
│   ├── emulators
│   └── launcher <-Here we are
│       ├── Menu
│       ├──
│       └── truetype
├── games
│   ├── FreeDM
│   ├── MAME
│   └── nxengine
└── music

Create the necessary directories

mkdir -p /home/cpi/apps/emulators  
mkdir -p /home/cpi/games  
mkdir -p /home/cpi/music  

Dependent packages

  • validators, numpy, requests, python-mpd2, beeprint, python-pycurl, python-alsaaudio, python-pygame, python-gobject, python-xlib, python-wicd
  • wicd (For Wi-Fi)
  • mpd (For music player)

Install dependent packages

sudo apt-get -y install mpd ncmpcpp git libuser
sudo apt-get -y install python-wicd  wicd wicd-curses python-pycurl python-alsaaudio python-pygame python-gobject python-xlib   

sudo apt-get -y install python-pip   
sudo pip install validators numpy requests python-mpd2

Create “.mpd_cpi.conf” config

vim ~/.mpd_cpi.conf

music_directory    "/home/cpi/music"
playlist_directory    "/home/cpi/music/playlists"
db_file    "/home/cpi/music/tag_cache"
log_file    "/tmp/mpd.log"
pid_file    "/tmp/"
state_file    "/home/cpi/music/mpd_state"
sticker_file    "/home/cpi/music/sticker.sql"
user    "cpi"
bind_to_address    "/tmp/mpd.socket"
auto_update    "yes"
auto_update_depth    "3" 
input {
    plugin "curl"

audio_output {
    type    "alsa"
    name    "My ALSA Device"

audio_output {
    type    "fifo"
    name    "my_fifo"
    path    "/tmp/mpd.fifo"
    format    "44100:16:2"

filesystem_charset    "UTF-8"