Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  guu f6e6a83320 add v0.4 kernel patch and u-boot 10 months ago
  cuu ca5ebc54a8 md5sum 1 year ago
  cuu d5a7acab63 add cpi3 linux 4.20 kernel,midi keyboard support 1 year ago
  cuu 55513e3ecc add v0.2 kernel,dtb,uboot 1 year ago
  dphys 5af4b6a961 Delete RNDIS driver for 1 year ago
  dphys 6d3fe51534 RNDIS driver for Windows 1 year ago
  dphys 3cfc842212 USB Ethernet patch and kernel image 1 year ago
  dphys 50915d3c4d Update 1 year ago
  dphys fa22d7e650 Clockworkpi Kernel patch for Linux 4.14.2 1 year ago
  dphys 16cdc3f65e Initial commit 1 year ago